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Personal Blog of Athul Cyriac Ajay who is an Undergraduate Engineering Student in College of Engineering Kidangoor, a GitHub Campus Expert and a Python, Go lover.
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Getting new feed with Python and Telegram

March 28, 2021  2 min Read   NEW

Writing a small script to get New Lobsters feed in Telegram with Python and Cron Jobs

The 2020!

December 31, 2020  3 min Read   NEW

2020 taught me .......

Harnessing Headers; Building a Custom Analytics Server

December 01, 2020  4 min Read   

Using Python and to build a simple Analytics Server from Scratch

HoppScotch Doc Generation, a breakdown

November 25, 2020  3 min Read   

Implementing Hopp-CLI's new feature of Automatic Documentation Generation in Go with Markdown

Desk Setup - 2020

November 24, 2020  3 min Read   

Desk setup and most used Apps

FastAPI Auth + Login Page

November 19, 2020  3 min Read   

Using auth in Fastapi and connecting it to a Login Form

Indexed 🧠 and Fuzzy 🔍

November 08, 2020  3 min Read   

How I implemented a search feature on statically generated site in Go

Link Preview Generator in Python

October 30, 2020  4 min Read   

Build a Link Preview | meta image | og-image | twitter-card generator with Python, FastAPI and Pillow

Telegram Bot with Adguard

October 10, 2020  4 min Read   

A Telegram Bot for receiving Adguard Home statistics


August 01, 2020  3 min Read   

Introducing Jiofi-CLI. A CLI interface for getting your Jiofi Device Info.

Updating GitHub Readme with Waka-readme

July 18, 2020  2 min Read   

Wakatime Stats in your Profile Readme

FastAPI + Deta = ⚡️

July 07, 2020  7 min Read   

Getting Started with FastAPI with Deta by creating a mailing list API

Hacking the Quarantine

June 06, 2020  3 min Read   

Hacking the Quarantine with Online Hackathons with my Buddies

Dumb and Dumber

May 27, 2020  2 min Read   

The title says it all

Termchat - Chat from your Terminal with Websockets

May 17, 2020  1 min Read   

Termchat is small a side project which uses Websockets to commnunicate with a group from the Terminal.

Custom MDX Components for Gatsby

April 26, 2020  2 min Read   

Make custom MDX components for a Gatsby Website/Blog

Deploy a Hugo Website to GH Pages

April 18, 2020  1 min Read   

Deploy a Hugo website to GitHub Pages with GitHub Actions

Telegram Bot for GitHub Actions

April 01, 2020  3 min Read   

Make a Telegram bot with Node.js and use it with GitHub Actions for sending notifications to you about the repo.


March 19, 2020  9 min Read   

Travelogue of college life's first trip with my Classmates. The Thrill, the fun, the Family

Hackathons and Students

February 12, 2020  6 min Read   

The Importance of Students and Hackathons

From 0 to Go, Building a CLI for Postwoman

February 01, 2020  2 min Read   

Building a CLI for Postwoman without any Prior knowledge in Golang and learning golang better by building the cli.

2019 in an Oyster's Shell-I

January 12, 2020  3 min Read   

Its rewind time everybody....

Call Your Friend

January 12, 2020  1 min Read   

Enjoy your friend's birthday together

Go ❤️ Travis+Gorelaser

January 05, 2020  1 min Read   

Using Travis CI with Goreleaser to Build and Deploy Your Go Applications to GitHub Releases and Godownloader to help users download your packages the easy way....🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Love and Other......

January 04, 2020  3 min Read   

The Story about a dumb schoolboy traversing through his dumb mind and Coming back to reality

Get GitHub action Notification in Telegram ⚡️⚡️

January 01, 2020  2 min Read   

Get Notifications of GitHub Actions in Telegram by using only a Shell Script and a Bot

Shelby, the Shell Prompt

December 26, 2019  2 min Read   

Shelby is one of my Side Projects. It's a shell prompt written in Go for speed and minimalism

Using your Old System Better

December 14, 2019  2 min Read   

Using your Old System as your Private Server,GitHub, Cloud and Whatnot

ETHIndia/Bangalore Days

September 03, 2019  5 min Read   

For the First Time,I attended my First Hackathon in Bangalore and it was an international Hackathon called ETHIndia. Wew,it was actually really awesome to visit Bangalore and Hack on something I dont know anything about

My System Setup

July 09, 2019  1 min Read   

My Personal and Mobile Setup for Coding and Basic Stuffs

Making GitHub apps with Probot

July 04, 2019  3 min Read   

Making GitHub apps easier with Probot and Node.js

Shell Scripting to Automation

July 02, 2019  2 min Read   

Automating Basic Unix stuff with Shell Scripts/Bash Scripts. From Pushing to different branches to saving you a Few Keypresses

Programming on your Phone

June 23, 2019  1 min Read   

How to start using termux,using it as your local development system with Git,Neovim and your required language packages

Freshman Year

June 22, 2019  4 min Read   

Summary of my First Year College Life,My first year of Engineering,My first year of meetups, and my First Year of Open Source